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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).
  • The submission file is in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, or RTF document file format.
  • Where available, URLs for the references have been provided.
  • The text is single-spaced; uses a 12-point font; employs italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.
  • The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines.

Author Guidelines

Founded in 1979, this journal is an academic science and technology journal jointly sponsored by China Hydraulic Engineering Society, China Civil Engineering Society, China Mechanics Society, China Architectural Society, China Hydropower Engineering Society, and China Vibration Engineering Society. This journal has been recognized as a core journal by "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" for many years, and ranks first in the core issues of architecture; this journal has been included as the "Chinese Science and Technology Paper Statistics Source Journal" (China Science and Technology Core Journal) by the Ministry of Science and Technology, It has been rated as "One Hundred Chinese Outstanding Academic Journals"; this journal is included in many important domestic databases such as "China Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database", "China Journal Full-text Database" and "Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database". "Chinese Academic Journals (CD-ROM version)", "China Journals Net", Wanfang Net and Chongqing Weipu Net full-text search; this journal is included in the American Engineering Index Ei online edition and other international retrieval systems.

1 Purpose and content

(1) This journal aims to promote the development of subject theory and practice, promote academic exchanges at home and abroad, and accelerate the transformation of scientific research results into actual productivity.

(2) Publish papers, reports, factual records, etc. in the field of soil mechanics and rock mechanics that can represent my country's theoretical and practical levels. The research results of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other important projects are welcome to submit manuscripts to this journal, and authors with practical experience are encouraged and encouraged to write manuscripts, and these manuscripts are given priority for publication.

(3) This journal is a monthly journal, and the main columns include: Huang Wenxi’s lectures, essays, essays, reviews, forums, discussions and newsletters, etc.

2 Contributions

(1) Manuscripts should meet the general rules and basic requirements of scientific and technological paper writing, and the authors should keep their own manuscripts. 

(2) Manuscripts are generally submitted within 3 months. Please do not submit two submissions for one manuscript. If the notification of manuscript processing is not received after 3 months, the author has the right to process the manuscript by himself.

(3) The manuscript shall indicate the author's name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, education, degree, technical title, resume, and research topic, full name of the unit and department, address, telephone, fax, e-mail and zip code, etc. 

(4) The signer should be the person who wrote the manuscript or the person who is primarily responsible for the content of the manuscript.

(5) When the manuscript may involve confidential information, a non-disclosure certificate should be issued by the author.

(6) This journal welcomes English submissions, please attach the Chinese title, abstract and the author's Chinese information, and the references after the article should indicate the original language. The content and selection criteria of the manuscript are the same as the Chinese column.

(7) The journal will no longer accept manuscripts that have been published or accepted by official publications at home and abroad.

3 Manuscript selection and clearing style

(1) The responsibility for the manuscript is the author's own responsibility. The editor does not make changes to the content and arguments of the manuscript. Once the manuscript is selected, the first author should refer to the review comments, questioning the manuscript, and the style of the journal to make necessary amendments, corrections, or deletions. Make sure that the documents, pictures, materials, and data are accurate and correct, and the draft is finalized at one time.

(2) After the author receives the notice of acceptance of the manuscript, he should send the revised and cleared manuscript (word typesetting and printing) together with the manuscript to this section within 3 months, and send the electronic file.

(3) Revise the layout of the draft, the paper generally does not exceed 7 pages, the essay generally does not exceed 5 pages, the forum 2 pages, and the discussion page 1 page.

(4) The manuscript will be paid as soon as it is published, and the page fee will be charged according to the number of pages of the published article.

(5) All manuscripts published in this journal are included in the corresponding journal's CD-ROM version and journal website, and a one-off payment with the printed manuscript.

(6) The layout of this journal is A4 format, double-column typesetting, and the core is 25.4 cm×17.8 cm.

(7) The article clearing level style is: Chinese title, author's name, unit and department, unit address, zip code, abstract, keywords, Chinese library classification number, document identification code, article number, author profile; English title, Author's name, unit and department, unit address, postcode, abstract, keywords; fund project and number (note on the front page); main text (press 1 2 3, 1.1 1.2 1.3, (1) (2) (3), a) b) c) sub-chapters); references.

(8) The chart is properly designed and self-explanatory; see the quotation first, and then see the chart; the name of the chart and the chart shall be listed in both Chinese and English. The form uses a three-line form. The width of the single-column chart is 8.0 cm, and the width of the double-column chart is 17.0 cm. The proportion of the illustrations should be appropriate, the surface of the drawing should be clear, and the lines should be uniform. The main line should be line 5, the coordinate line should be line 4, and the auxiliary line should be line 3. .

(9) The unit of measurement is the legal unit of measurement in my country. The formula and Chinese and foreign characters must be distinguished between upper and lower case, normal italics, black and white, upper and lower corner labels, etc. The first time the characters are easily confused, use a pencil to indicate them. 

(10) The abstract should be written as a report, directly clarifying the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions of the research, independent and self-explanatory, and should be about 300 words. The abstract should exclude common-sense content in the subject field, and the content in the introduction should not be included in the abstract; do not make self-evaluation on the content of the paper; do not simply repeat the existing information in the topic; do not appear in mathematical formulas, chemical structural formulas, illustrations and tables , Do not introduce the reference number. The key word selection criterion is 3-8. Encourage rich and detailed English abstracts with correct grammar and standardized terminology.

(11) References are limited to those that are personally read by the author, explicitly cited in this article, published publicly, or have a case for investigation. After all references are listed in the text, they are numbered in the order of the first citation in the main text, and the reference number is indicated in the upper right corner of the citation of the main text. When citing the same document by the same author multiple times, mark the serial number of the document cited for the first time in the main text, and enter the citation page number outside the "[]" of the serial number. The original language non-English references are accompanied by corresponding English items and the original language is indicated. The bibliographic description items and examples are as follows:

a) Monographs (general books, conference proceedings, dissertations, reports, compilations, etc.): [reference number] main responsible person. Document title: other title information [document type mark]. Other responsible persons. Edition items. Place of publication: Publisher, publication year: citation page number.

b) Documents extracted in the journal: [reference number] Main responsible person. Title of the extracted documents [J]. Journal title: Journal title and other information, year, volume (issue): start and end page numbers.

c) Documents extracted from the monograph: [reference number] extract the main responsible person for the document. Extract the title of the document [document type mark] // the main responsible person for the monograph. Monograph title: other title information. Edition items. Place of publication: publisher, publication Year: The start and end page numbers of the extracted documents.

d) International and national standards: [reference number] main responsible person. Standard number standard name [S]. Place of publication: publisher, year of publication.

e) Patent: [reference number] patent owner. Patent title: patent country, patent number [P]. Announcement date or publication date.

f) Electronic literature: [reference number] main responsible person. Title of electronic literature: other title information [electronic literature type flag/carrier type flag]. Place of publication: publisher, publication year (update or revision date) [reference date] .Access and access path.

The description rules of foreign language documents are the same as those of Chinese documents. For the foreigner's name, the first name is abbreviated after the first name, without abbreviation point.

4 Rejected

(1) Notification of rejection of unaccepted manuscripts will be sent.

(2) If the author has not sent back the revised manuscript within 3 months after receiving the acceptance notice of the manuscript, it shall be deemed as the author's automatic withdrawal of the manuscript.

(3) Review comments will not be attached to rejected manuscripts.


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