Applying technology to develop medical tourism in Vietnam to enhance economic competitiveness


  • Nguyen Thi Ngoc Linh


technology, medical tourism, economic, virtual reality


Medical tourism has emerged as a significant global industry, with countries worldwide competing to attract international patients seeking quality healthcare services at competitive prices. Vietnam, with its rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and a growing healthcare sector, has the potential to become a leading destination for medical tourism. This paper aims to explore the application of technology in developing medical tourism in Vietnam, thereby enhancing its economic competitiveness. To harness the full potential of technology in developing medical tourism, Vietnam needs to invest in robust digital infrastructure, cybersecurity measures, and training programs for healthcare professionals to ensure a seamless and secure technological ecosystem. Collaboration between government bodies, healthcare providers, and technology companies is essential to establish standardized protocols, quality assurance mechanisms, and regulatory frameworks. By embracing technology, Vietnam can enhance its economic competitiveness in the medical tourism industry. The successful implementation of telemedicine, EMRs, digital marketing, and immersive technologies will attract a greater number of international patients, generate revenue, create employment opportunities, and contribute to overall economic growth                                                                         




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Vol. 45 No. 12 (2023)