Stability of embankments over geogrid-encased stone column-improved soft soils


  • Mohamed Labed; Naas Allout


Embankment; Factor of Safety; Finite differences methode; Geogrid; Soft soils; Stone column


The soft soils pose a problem of the earthwork's stability; the treatment of this type of soil by a group of stone columns is a recent technique which makes it possible to ensure a good resistance of the vertical stresses. This paper focuses on the numerical analysis of embankment over geogrid-encased stone column-improved soft soil. The finite difference code Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua in 3 Dimensions (FLAC3D) was used to determine the factor of safety and the horizontal displacements of the stone columns. The embankment fill, the subsoil, and the stone columns were modeled by an elasto-plastic model with a Mohr-Coulomb yield criterion and associated flow rule. In this study, several geometrical and mechanical parameters have been considered, such as the stiffness modulus of the geosynthetic, the embankment fill height, friction angle and stiffness of the stone columns, the undrained cohesion and soft soils depth. The factors of the security obtained by a three-dimensional computation were compared with the results of a two-dimensional computation. The results of this study show the influence of the diameter and the spacing of the stone columns on the factor of safety.




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Mohamed Labed; Naas Allout. (2023). Stability of embankments over geogrid-encased stone column-improved soft soils. Yantu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 45(12), 1–21. Retrieved from


Vol. 45 No. 12 (2023)