Performance Evaluation of Concrete using E-waste


  • S. Ganesh, Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Sharma*


E-Waste, Printed Circuit Board, Concrete, Recycle, Sustainability.


The current issue faced globally is to handle the e-waste and utilization of recycled products. The construction industry needs to move towards sustainability which can be accomplished with various alternatives, demolished waste, e-waste, etc., In the field of civil engineering research relating to the source for alternative resources for the concrete products, various recycled materials, and industrial waste products are utilized. Currently, e-waste recycled or its crushed form is supplementary to a new scope to improve the strength of the concrete, and also minimize the limited usage of natural resources like fine aggregate and coarse aggregate. Today crushed e-waste plastic is used as alternative aggregate and finely crushed e-waste in powdered form are used as fine aggregate. For the present study, three categories (computer ram, induction stoves, mobile phones) of e-waste are taken from the local market of Phagwara, India. The various laboratory testing is studied to understand the mechanical, durability aspects, and microstructural details of the concrete with the presence of e-waste and is examined using the XRD testing. Hence the hidden mineral content in the e-waste which is presented on the circuit board can help to improve the strength of the concrete. Determining the optimized percentage of replacement always shows a better result value.  .




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S. Ganesh, Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Sharma*. (2022). Performance Evaluation of Concrete using E-waste. Yantu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 44(12), 77–83. Retrieved from